bounce house

Since I talk so much about the ways in which my husband and I don’t work well together (like his snooze button habit, my control freak issues, and the date ideas that could never work), I thought Valentine’s Day would be a good day to talk about the ways we do.

We’re an unlikely pair.

bounce house

I’m one of those people who is nice to a fault. I don’t mean that in an I’m so awesome there’s no other bad thing you can say about me kind of way. I mean that it’s a problem. I am too consumed with other people’s feelings and the fear of hurting them that I walk around in a guilt bubble and stray from being completely honest for fear of upsetting someone. My husband… well, he doesn’t. He’s sarcastic and speaks his mind because the truth is the truth and people should hear it. Sometimes I absolutely hate this about him. Other times, it makes me go gaga and I’m madly in love and dripping with admiration.

There’s also the fact that he is quiet and reserved (usually) and I’m… not. I come from a big, loud family and will talk your ear off if you let me. The speed at which I can speak is a talent really. My husband can’t relate… or pay attention long enough to hear entire stories. Sometimes he needs silence and alone time to regain his sanity. Other times I’ll be mid ramble and catch him with a big dopey love grin plastered all over his face.

He’s also a neat freak. While I’m working my way there, my clutter and knack for being disorganized (and late!) drive him a little bit crazy. His desire for complete cleanliness when we have two small children (who make big messes) drives me equally crazy.

But you know what? Somehow it works. Somewhere in between our extremes lies a happy medium. Being together sort of forces us to live there. He can’t be so matter of fact and detached when he’s married to an emotional rollercoaster ride. I mean, he can be, but living together and loving each other forces us to look at the other side of the coin.

You would think that two people who look at the world so differently could never get along. And sometimes we don’t. But most of the time, it works. We balance each other out and I don’t think either of us could handle being with someone just like us. It would be disastrous. And explosive.

So, in honor of our unlikely love I thought I’d collect some other unlikely pairs that seem to work against the odds.

Unlikely pairs: Arwen and Aragorn

Arwen and Aragorn via MSN

Unlikely pairs: Buzz and JessieBuzz and Jessie via Jordan and Denise

Unlikely pairs: bird and catBird and cat via Pinterest

unlikely pairs: Russell and CalCarl and Russell via It’s Art

Unlikely Pairs: Geoffrey and ChristinaGeoffrey and Christina via NY Daily News

Unlikely pair: cat and dogCat and dog via Too Kool Doggies

Can you relate or are you in a relationship with someone just like you?

PS Happy Valentine’s Day, stupid. 😉

Written by Jennifer Garry
Jen is a freelance writer and girl mom from New York. When she's not knee-deep in glittery crafts and girl talk, you can probably find her sprawled across her couch in the middle of a Netflix marathon with dark chocolate smeared on her face. The struggle is real.